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Confidential, bespoke leadership presence training

Honing skills that positively affect human behavior

Helping leaders build resilience and vital competencies in a world of constant change

Meeting growing needs for innovative problem solving, strategic decision making, and the tone and manner of effective communication

Erna Womble

Erna Womble JD, M.Ed.


William F Womble Jr Bill Womble

Bill Womble Jr. JD


Nationally recognized lawyers, Erna Womble and William F. (“Bill”) Womble Jr., are co-presidents of Clearly Bespoke Strategies, Inc. Their strategic advising company is founded on a niche in confidential, bespoke leadership presence training. They developed this expertise integral to their national litigation practice as partners in their beloved firm Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, from which Erna and Bill are now retired.


As Strategic Advisors, Erna and Bill bring to bear their depth of experience working with leaders in the private and public sectors on handling high-stakes matters. Their work is grounded in a nuanced understanding of how leadership presence training affects the success, tone, and integrity of large, complex organizations and people at all echelons. Frequently collaborating with a wide network of professionals, they also write and speak on topics that help individual leaders build vital competencies and resilience in a world of constant change, meeting growing needs for innovative problem solving, strategic decision making, and effective communication.

George Evans

George K. Evans Jr. JD


George K. Evans Jr., served in the leadership role of managing partner at the North Carolina law firm of Cansler, Lockhart, Campbell, Evans, Bryant & Garlitz prior to becoming Of Counsel to Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, from which he is retired. He is a Research Analyst with Clearly Bespoke Strategies, Inc.

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Measured and tempered by experience in the trenches

Erna Womble

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